The Catholic Media Association

Thank you for considering the Catholic Media Association as one of your professional organizations. The CMA will connect you with print and digital communicators, media and public relations specialists, and those who work in Catholic communication departments. You’ll be a part of a global network of Catholic communicators.

Members of the association benefit from its conferences, award programs, webinars, grant supported consultations, and best practice communication efforts. You’ll be connected to the greater Church through national and international members, through its affiliation with the USCCB, through Vatican representation at the annual Catholic Media Conference, and through its membership in SIGNIS. SIGINS is the World Catholic Association for Communication, approved by the Pontifical Council for the Laity, and uniting media associations world-wide.

The success of the CMA resides in the participation of its members. As you contemplate and apply for membership, we hope you will consider joining a committee, facilitating a webinar, attending a conference, voting for leadership, and one day becoming a member of the board of directors. Talented and dedicated individuals make all the difference, we hope you will offer your talents for the benefits of other members and the association.

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