Terms of Membership

Memberships are for a calendar year; January 1 to December 31. If your membership application is accepted in the middle of the year, the CMA will prorate your dues accordingly. Dues for membership in the Catholic Media Association vary by type of membership and size of the organization. View the Annual Dues Rate schedule.

Membership Application Process

Your completed application will be forwarded to the Membership Committee for review. A representative from the committee will contact you to get to know you and your interest in joining, and match those to the benefits offered by the association.

The committee will forward their recommendation to the Board of Directors for membership approval during their monthly meeting. Upon approval, you will be invoiced for membership dues, receive website login instructions, and a certificate of membership. Your member benefits will begin immediately.

We encourage new members to share their knowledge and talents with members of the Catholic Media Association. The active participation of our members, makes all members successful.


If you have questions, please contact us at Membership@CatholicMediaAssociation.org.