Consultation Services

Consultation for Publications
The Catholic Media Association provides the opportunity for member publications to participate in an analytical review of its business operations. A team of experts with business, editorial, advertising and public relations experience work with members of the publication and make recommendations to improve the publication's ability to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and His church through print and electronic media. If your publication is struggling financially, or evaluating ways to serve your specific Catholic market, this service will be beneficial to you and your diocese.

The consultation can be used to evaluate:

  • Office job descriptions & work flow
  • Circulation and advertising revenue structures
  • Staffing needs
  • Effectiveness of content to serve the archbishop and the archdiocese
  • Satisfaction of the publication on a parish and readership level
  • The entire operation or just a specific department

The scope of the consultation is entirely up to you and will determine if a team of one or of four is required to meet your needs. The goal is to give you a Best Practices model for moving forward. Financially, the CMA provides member publications the opportunity to use up to $5,000 in grant money sponsored by the Catholic Communications Campaign to offset the expense of a consultation visit and report. Member publications rarely spend more than $2,500 and the CMA office provides in-kind services of staffing to facilitate the consultation.

Catholic Communication Consultation Initiative
In collaboration with the USCCB, and the Catholic Communications Campaign, CMA has launched the Catholic Communication Consultation Initiative (CCCI). The CCCI will help dioceses and other Church organizations become more effective in their communications work. 

Research has shown that diocesan communication professionals recognize the value of strategic planning, but struggle with the lack of time, skills, or resources to engage in the process. The CCCI offers a tool kit to assist Catholic communications offices in creating a strategic communications plan. Participating organizations will move from reacting to events, to a proactive strategy with increased impact. The tool kit also offers ways to minimize time spent planning and effective use of resources. 

Getting Started
In order to formally start the process, we simply need a letter of request along with an outline of your desired outcome. Once received, we will discuss the priorities, schedule the visit at a time that would allow us to meet with those who can be most helpful and pull together the most appropriate team to reach your goal.

Questions Regarding Consulations?
Contact Rob DeFrancesco for more information.