Crisis Communications

Next Session: April 20, 2022

Crisis management planning is the process that organizations use to prepare for crisis events. Through that preparation, they can exercise some control over the event outcomes, and mitigate the damage. Crisis communications is focused on the delivery of information and messaging, between the organization and its public. The aim of this communication is the mitigation and reduction of damage done to the organization’s reputation. Good crisis communications will find an opportunity to enhance the organization’s good name, and position it in a positive light, even in the midst of and after a crisis.

Learn to:

  • Define a Crisis
  • Compile a Crisis Team
  • Build a Crisis Communication Plan
  • Create Crisis News Releases
  • Handle Media Relations and Questions
  • Communicate with Stakeholders
  • Communicate with the Public
  • Manage the Aftermath

This 6-week course trains participants to be prepared for a future crisis. They will identify the key members of their crisis response team and the stakeholders to communicate with. They will learn to create a stockpile of press release content with appropriate language for damage mitigation. On completion of this training, participants will have created a full crisis communication response plan that is tailored to the needs of their organization.

This course is suitable for all managers and staff working in an organization. Every member of the team will have a role and be a stakeholder in a crisis situation. Like a fire drill, everyone learns what to do in an emergency.

Cost per Participant:

Cost: $300 per person for Catholic Media Association members; $1,250 per person for non-members.

Registration and information: contact Rob DeFrancesco at