Spend five low-intensity weeks learning to streamline your directory data management process, save time, decrease stress, and build a beautiful, functional product.

Directory managers, designers and production staff responsible for gathering directory content and formatting it for the production process will:

  • create and format a database to store, structure, and organize directory data.

  • learn to import/export data from the database.

  • organize and simplify pre-production formatting.

  • map fields to style sheets and build templates.

  • import directory data into InDesign.

Trainer: Kilian Schalk of PurpleGray Consulting

Dates: July 19-Aug. 16, 2023


  • Week 1: Data Management Seminar
  • Week 2: Data Management Experiment Check-in (teams choose timing)
  • Week 3: Import Data Seminar
  • Week 4: Import Data Experiment Check-in (teams choose timing)
  • Week 5: Integrate Data into the Production Process
  • *Plus: One Individual Zoom Call with Kilian for each participating team member

Capacity: Up to 10 Directory Teams

Fees: $100 per team for CMA members ($875 for non-members) plus $100 per team member.

Program questions: Contact Kilian Schalk at

Other questions: Contact Rob DeFrancesco at




The Catholic Media Association is a leader in supporting, strengthening, and promoting Catholic journalists and media professionals. We are pleased to offer training programs for CMA members at a low cost, made possible thanks to the USCCB Catholic Communication Campaign. Please watch for updates throughout the year.