Member Resources


Organizations and individuals join the CMA to be connected to industry professionals. As a resource for Catholic publishing best practices, the CMA provides professional growth and networking directly related to Catholic media and communication. Members are also connected to the greater Church through the CMA’s relationship with the USCCB, the Vatican and through SIGNIS, the World Catholic Association for Communication.

The Catholic Media Awards acknowledge the work of CMA members and other affiliated Catholic Communicators. Awards recipients are announced at the annual Catholic Media Conference and published in a special edition of The Catholic Journalist each summer.  

Connections to Colleagues

Member Directory
     The CMA provides access to other CMA members via an online search and in an annual directory of current members. 
The Catholic Journalist
     The Catholic Journalist is CMA's member newspaper. View online.
Member Connection
     The weekly newsletter provides information on upcoming important information.
List Service Forums
     Email discussion forums provide easy access for members to discuss issues with their peers. Contact for access.

Professional Development

     The Catholic Media Association offers short-course, content-specific webinars relevant to Catholic communication. 
Training Seminars
     Members have access to online seminars that offer a more in-depth look at subject matter. 
Catholic Media Conference
     Catholic communicators attend the annual CMC to re-connect, update skills, and refresh knowledge. 
Consultation Services
     For Publications:
          The Catholic Media Association provides the opportunity for member publications to participate in an analytical review of its business operations. 
     For Communications Offices:
          The Catholic Communication Consultation Initiative helps dioceses and other Church organizations become more effective in their communications work. 

Recognition Programs

The association sponsors various award programs that honor works that inform and promote the mission of the Church.