Membership Parameters

When applying for membership in the Catholic Media Association, you’ll want to determine the best fit for your organization, or for you as an individual. The four member classes identified as Organizational, may vote, and participate in the Catholic Media member awards.
Membership Classes Defined

ORGANIZATIONAL:  If you represent a recognized Catholic organization, your company may apply for acceptance as an Organizational Media Member or Organizational Communication Member.

  • Organizational Media Members
    • Publishers of Catholic newspapers, magazines, websites, newsletters, books, pamphlets or general Catholic literature, as well as Catholic radio, and television stations and film companies.
  • Organizational Communication Members
    • Typically, the communication department of a diocese or religious order, a Catholic communication or public relations company, or a Catholic school or university. 
  • Organizational Staff Member
    • An individual who is an employee of an Organizational Member can be added by that organization's Registered Representative.
  • Organizational Freelance Member
    • An individual who is actively engaged as an independent contractor of an Organizational Member can apply for acceptance. A letter of confirmation from the Organizational Member is required.

SERVICE MEMBERS:  If you are a business-to business organization, you may apply for acceptance as a Service Member, or as an employee of a Service Member.

  • Service Members
    • Businesses that provides services to CMA members
  • Service Member Employee
    • An individual that works for a Service Member

INDIVIDUAL:  If you are interested in the Catholic press, but do not work for an organizational member, you may apply for acceptance as an Individual Member.

  • Individual Members
    • Individuals interested in Catholic journalism and communication that do not contribute to an Organizational Member.

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