Catholic Media Association Announces 2022 Gabriel Awards Winners

CHICAGO (May 17, 2022) — The Catholic Media Association announced this week the Winner’s List for the 2022 Gabriel Awards, a Catholic honor awarded each year recognizing excellence in broadcasting.

This year, categories included a Personal Achievement Award and specialized radio, television and film categories, resulting in more than 140 entries from 55 organizations. 

The 2022 Gabriel Awards will be presented July 6 at a special event during the annual Catholic Media Conference July 4-7 in Portland, Oregon.

Presented annually by the Catholic Media Association, the Gabriel Awards recognizes the best of the best in film, broadcasting, and cross-platform media. The award honors works that support themes of dignity, compassion, community, and justice. The efforts of these talented individuals inspire us to act with greater respect and concern for others.

Winners are from national broadcast entities, public broadcasting groups, and major and independent film producers.

The single most important criterion of the Gabriel’s is its ability to uplift and nourish the human spirit. A Gabriel-worthy program affirms the dignity of human beings; it recognizes and upholds universally recognized human values such as community, creativity, tolerance, justice, compassion and the dedication to excellence.

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Media Contact
Robert DeFrancesco
Executive Director, Catholic Media Association