Awards and Recognition Programs

Catholic Media Awards

The Catholic Media Awards honor outstanding achievements in Catholic journalism, communications, and other forms of media. The awards aim to highlight and honor the efforts of individuals and organizations that excel in portraying Catholic teachings, values, and stories in a compelling and authentic manner. The event is primarily for Catholic media professionals, publishers, broadcasters, writers, and producers, as well as anyone involved in the creation and dissemination of Catholic content.

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CMA Book Awards

Honoring the remarkable efforts of authors, publishers, and editors who have made significant contributions to the Catholic literary landscape. The CMA Book Awards recognizes and rewards outstanding works that resonate with Catholic values, promote faith, and inspire reflection and understanding. The awards spotlight various genres, from theology and spirituality to historical accounts, children’s literature, and more, appreciating the diversity and richness within Catholic writing.

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Gabriel Awards

The Catholic Media Association is honored to sponsor the Gabriel Awards, a premier program honoring excellence in film, broadcast, and digital media productions released in the United States and Canada.

The Gabriel Awards were created in 1965 to “recognize outstanding artistic achievement in a television or radio program or series that entertains and enriches with a true vision of humanity and true vision of life.”

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St. Juan Diego Collegiate Awards

The Catholic Media Association invites Students and Alumni Magazines to participate in the 2024 St. Juan Diego Collegiate Awards competition. St. Juan Diego is a symbol of evangelization and the messenger of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The St. Juan Diego Collegiate Awards honor a wide range of journalistic skills and specialties, encouraging excellence and fostering a vibrant Catholic journalism community.

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