Board of Directors

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  • Gretchen Crowe
    Gretchen Crowe
    OSV News (617)923-0220
  • Paula Gwynn Grant
    Paula Gwynn Grant
    Secretary for Communications Archdiocese of Washington (301)853-5372
    Vice President
  • JoAnn DiNapoli
    JoAnn DiNapoli
    Director of Sales Tablet, The (718)517-3131
  • Carol Zimmermann
    Carol Zimmermann
    senior national correspondent Tablet, The (301)275-1771


  • Jennifer Brinker
    Jennifer Brinker
    Reporter St. Louis Review (314)792-7505
    Editorial Staff Member, Newspaper
  • John Feister
    John Feister
    Editor Glenmary Challenge (510)536-3722
    Member at Large, Magazine
  • Janelle Gergen
    Janelle Gergen
    Diocese of Crookston (832)475-9669
    Member at Large
  • Amy Kawula
    Amy Kawula
    Marketing & Operations Manager On Mission Media (920)272-8212
    Business Staff Member, Newspaper
  • Pablo Kay
    Pablo Kay
    Angelus (920)272-8212
    Western Region Rep
  • Michael La Civita
    Michael La Civita
    ONE Magazine (920)272-8204
    Business Staff Member, Magazine
  • James Ramos
    James Ramos
    Content, Design & Digital Editor + Photo-Journalist Texas Catholic Herald (713)652-8273
    Southern Region Rep
  • Emily Sanna
    Emily Sanna
    Managing Editor U.S. Catholic (312)544-8191
    Magazine Publisher Member
  • Michael Stechschulte
    Michael Stechschulte
    Detroit Catholic (361)882-9161
    Midwest Region Rep
  • Michael Walsh
    Michael Walsh
    Diocese of Camden (203)416-1461
    Newspaper Publisher Member
  • Kerry Weber
    Kerry Weber
    Executive Editor America Magazine (212)515-0121
    Editorial Staff Member, Magazine
  • Rob DeFrancesco
    Rob DeFrancesco
    Executive Director Catholic Media Association (312)361-0256
    Ex Officio