The Catholic Media Association (CMA) is the largest association of Catholic media professionals in North America, with a mission of helping its members share the Good News through Catholic media. Participating in committees for the CMA is important for several reasons:

  • It allows members to contribute their time and talent to support the various aspects of ensuring the future of the organization, such as awards, bylaws, education, finance, membership, nominating, and strategic planning.
  • It provides members with opportunities for professional development, networking, inspiration, and support for their faith formation as Catholic media professionals.
  • It helps members to build relationships and community with their colleagues and peers who share a common vision and passion for Catholic media.
  • It enables members to learn from and collaborate with experts and leaders in different fields of Catholic media, such as journalism, communications, public relations, advertising, and marketing.
  • It empowers members to voice their opinions and ideas on how to improve the quality and impact of Catholic media in the Church and society.

Therefore, participating in committees for the CMA is a valuable and rewarding experience for anyone who is involved in Catholic media. If you are interested in joining or learning more about the CMA committees, contact the CMA office team.

Awards Committee

Chair: Ana Rodriguez-Soto

  • Silvio Cuellar
  • Jean Gonzalez
  • Dave Hrbacek
  • Jaclyn Lippelmann
  • Berta Mexidor
  • Chaz Muth
  • Dawn Prosser
  • Dianne Towalski
Bylaws Committee

Chair: Michael La Civita

  • Karen Franz
  • Matthew Schiller
Catholic Media Conference National Planning Committee

Chair: Amy Kawula; Co-Chair: Michael Walsh

  • Local Chair: Maureen Adams
  • Editorial: Nichole Golden, Laura Leraci and Zoey Maraist
  • Communications: Maureen Adams, Adam Minihan, Montie Chavez and Michael Walsh
  • Business and Marketing: Matt Schiller and Amy Kawula
  • Digital Media: Chaz Muth and Allen Kinzly
  • Magazine: Rob DeFrancesco
Communications Committee

Chair: Michael Stechschulte

  • Barb Arland-Frye
  • Sharon Boehlefeld
  • Amy Kawula
  • Donna Mleziva
  • Brenda Nettles-Riojas
  • James Ramos
  • Maria Alejandra Rivas
  • Dianne Towalski
  • Gerald Wutkowski
Education Committee

Chair: Jennifer Brinker

  • Brian Finnerty
  • Taylor Henry
  • Mary McCarthy Hines
  • Paul Snatchko
Finance and Audit Committee

Chair: JoAnn DiNapoli, Treasurer

  • Karen Franz
  • Christopher Gunty
  • Mark Lombard
Membership Committee

Chair: John Feister

  • Malea Hargett
  • Nicole Namura
  • Colleen Rabine
  • Rafael Roncal
  • Julie Stark
  • Joe Towalski
  • Carol Zimmermann
Nominating Committee

Chair: Amy Kawula

  • Julie Asher
  • Patricia Guilfoyle
  • Joe Towalski
  • Kerry Weber
Strategic Planning Committee

Chair: Gretchen Crowe

  • Michael La Civita
  • Janelle Gergen
  • Amy Kawula
  • Matt Schiller