The success of the CMA arises from the participation of its members in the association — supporting, encouraging and sharing with their colleagues and peers. The association appreciates the time and talent that members provide to support the various aspects of insuring the future of the organization.


CMC National Planning Committee

Chair: Amy Kawula

  • Local Chair & Editorial: Ed Langlois
  • Editorial Reps: James Ramos & Rebecca Torrellas
  • Communications Representatives: Penny Wiegert & Chris Pham
  • Business Representatives: Keri Hake & Matt Schiller
  • Advertising Representatives: Keri Hake & Bob Jaques
  • Digital Media Representatives: Chaz Muth & Allen Kinzly

Awards Committee

Chair: Ana Rodriguez-Soto

  • Sharmane Adams
  • Silvio Cuellar
  • Jean Gonzalez
  • Dave Hrbacek
  • Jaclyn Lippelmann
  • Sam Lucero
  • Berta Mexidor
  • Chaz Muth
  • Mary Solberg
  • Anna Weaver

Membership Committee

Chair: John Feister

  • Matt Gambino
  • Malea Hargett
  • Nicole Namura
  • Colleen Rabine
  • Rafael Roncal
  • Julie Stark
  • Joe Towalski
  • Maria Wiering

Education Committee

Chair: Gretchen Crowe

  • Jennifer Brinker
  • Taylor Henry
  • Mary McCarthy Hines
  • Paul Snatchko

Finance and Audit Committee

Chair: Joe Sinasac, Treasurer

  • Christopher Gunty
  • Mark Lombard

Communications committee

Chair: Alton Pelowski


Nominating Committee

Chair: JD Long-Garcia

  • Julie Asher
  • Rob DeFrancesco
  • Patricia Guilfoyle
  • Ana Rodriguez-Soto
  • Joe Towalski

CMA-CNS Liaison Committee

Chair: Rick Musacchio

  • National: Gretchen Crowe
  • National: Michael La Civita
  • Canada/Upper Midwest: Mike Simpson
  • New England: Antonio Enrique
  • New York: John Woods
  • Pennsylvania: Matt Gambino
  • Mid-Atlantic/Ohio: Pete Sheehan
  • Midwest: Sam Lucero
  • Midwest: Anita McSorley
  • Illinois/Indiana: Joyce Duriga
  • Oklahoma/Texas: Open
  • South-Atlantic: Ann Augherton
  • Upper South: Rick Musacchio
  • Lower South: Nicole Golden
  • Rocky Mountains: Maria Wiering
  • Southwest: Rob DeFrancesco
  • Pacific: Open
  • Spanish: Open
  • At-Large: Teak Phillips

Bylaws Committee

Chair: Michael La Civita

  • Rob DeFrancesco
  • Karen Franz
  • Matthew Schiller

Strategic Planning Committee

Chair: Matt Schiller

  • Rob DeFrancesco
  • Greg Erlandson
  • JD Long-Garcia
  • Joe Towalski