Member Stories: Testimonials from Our CMA Family

At the Catholic Media Association (CMA), we're more than just a network — we're a family united by faith and a passion for Catholic media. Our members, from diverse backgrounds and expertise, share a common mission: to spread the Good News using their unique voices. Here, we celebrate your stories and experiences, showcasing how being part of the CMA has shaped professional and personal journeys. Share your story here!

Strengthening Through Solidarity

My journey with the CMA has been a path of continuous growth and connection. The solidarity with Catholic media professionals across the nation has not only bolstered my skills but also imbued me with a deeper sense of purpose. It's empowering to know there's always someone to turn to for insights and advice.

Jessica Rinaudo, The Catholic Telegraph

Embracing Diversity, Fostering Growth

As the lone Latino in my Communications team, the CMA has been a beacon of encouragement. Connecting with fellow Latino colleagues has reminded me of the growing significance of Spanish communications in the Catholic Church in the U.S. The CMA is a testament to the power of diversity and mutual support.

Omar Cabrera, El Reto

Nurturing the Next Generation

The CMA's influence extends to the budding journalists at Trinity Washington University. Our goal is to integrate these young, talented individuals, predominantly women of color, into the Catholic media landscape, fostering diversity and fresh perspectives. The CMA's role in our strategic growth is invaluable, guiding us towards creating a dynamic Catholic news service.

Chaz Muth, Trinity Washington University

A Journey of Learning and Friendship

Beginning as a diocesan newspaper reporter, my 30-year journey with the CMA has been enlightening. The educational resources and networking have not only honed my skills but have also led to lasting friendships. The camaraderie and support within the CMA have been pivotal in facing challenges and celebrating successes.

Joe Towalski, Diocese of St. Cloud

Expanding Horizons

Transitioning from parish ministry to a broader role in Catholic communications, the CMA has been pivotal in my growth. The opportunities for professional development and networking have been instrumental in enhancing my understanding and capabilities in Catholic media, helping me navigate this vibrant field with confidence and purpose.

Natalie Ibarra, National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry

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