Training Programs and Professional Development Opportunities

We are pleased to offer training programs for CMA members at a low cost, made possible thanks to the USCCB Catholic Communication Campaign. Please watch for updates throughout the year.

Newsletter Development for Small Teams

Spend five weeks learning to start and/or grow your newsletter; see step-by-step progress toward building a connection with your audience; and use data to integrate improvement into your process.

If you have been tasked with creating and/or managing your department newsletter, come learn how to:

  • build and manage a solid and regular sequence of events
  • identify how to target your audience and grow your list
  • make every newsletter an opportunity to increase open rates and engagement
  • understand what to look for in your data
  • integrate improvement into the newsletter cycle

Trainer: Kilian Schalk of PurpleGray Consulting

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Workflow Transformation for Diocesan Directories

Spend five low-intensity weeks learning to streamline your directory data management process, save time, decrease stress, and build a beautiful, functional product.

Directory managers, designers and production staff responsible for gathering directory content and formatting it for the production process will:

  • create and format a database to store, structure, and organize directory data.
  • learn to import/export data from the database.
  • organize and simplify pre-production formatting.
  • map fields to style sheets and build templates.
  • import directory data into InDesign.

Trainer: Kilian Schalk of PurpleGray Consulting

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Digital Transformation Seminar Series

Publishing is in a period of transition. Ad revenue is shrinking, audience habits are shifting, new technologies keep adding more ways to reach people… and the struggle to stay on top of it all can feel Sisyphean. Happily, the best time to change is when everything is already changing, and the CMA Digital Transformation Seminar Series is designed to help you and your team seize the moment.

Now in its fourth year, this 100% remote, low-cost, low-intensity training program walks you and your team through the transformation process at a pace that can be integrated into your existing workload. You’ll learn how to build change into your workflow in six two-week modules delivered in a group Seminar format, brainstorm experiments with your own team, and compare results with your fellow teams working in parallel. We’ll focus on what works, and specifically what works for you. Our goal is to change how you produce content… and harness the sense of possibility that bubbles up as you and your team gain traction.

Trainer: Kilian Schalk of PurpleGray Consulting

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