Catholic Press Awards

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We are grateful to all of you for participating in this year's Catholic Media awards. The submission period is now closed.


The purpose of the Catholic Press Awards is to acknowledge the outstanding work of its Publisher and Communication members as they strive to further the mission of the Church. On a daily basis they inform, inspire and educate readers keeping them connected to their faith, and telling the story of the Church. It is those contributions that are recognized through these awards.

With the diversity of Catholic communications today, the Awards program offers the opportunity for individuals with various skill sets to submit their best work for critical review. Participants choose categories organized by different media that feature writing, design, production and editing skills, and submit in sub-categories separated by intent such as news, feature stories and so forth.

The Catholic Press Awards accepts work completed by its members in the previous year. The association announces the winners at its Catholic Media Conference in June, publishes them in the Awards issue of The Catholic Journalist, and showcases them on the CMA website.

2022 Program

Key Dates 

Open Submission Period: November 15, 2021 through January 31, 2022 
Extension Period: February 1, 2022 through February 7, 2022, 11:59 am CT   
Hard Copy Materials Due: Friday February 11, 2022


Entry Fees

Open Period: $36 per entry
Extension Period: $45 per entry 


Divisions and Category Listings

This awards program has five divisions to reflect the varied work of its members; each division’s packet specifies eligibility requirements, submission instructions, and a full category list.

Click below for category options and entry instructions.

  • All Member: For the Individual Excellence and Digital categories
  • Newspaper: For print or digital work that is published in a member newspaper
  • Magazine and Print Newsletter: For work published in a member magazine or printed newsletter
  • Communications: For Communication Organizational members to submit work that is separate from any work that appears in a publication
  • Spanish Language: For content created for a Spanish language member publication

New to the submission process?

Watch a video for instructions on how to submit an entry.
Click here for a PDF of the submission instructions.

Program FAQs