Catholic Media Association Reveals Finalists for 58th Annual Gabriel Awards

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CHICAGO, Illinois (April 17, 2024) — The Catholic Media Association announced today the finalists for the prestigious 58th Annual Gabriel Awards, celebrating outstanding achievements in film, broadcast, and digital media. The Gabriel Awards spotlight artistic excellence that embodies a profound vision of humanity and a true vision of life, with productions from the 2023 calendar year now in the spotlight.

The Gabriel Awards have been a beacon of inspiration since their inception in 1965, encouraging media professionals to create works that serve, enrich, challenge, and uplift audiences. This year’s finalists represent the pinnacle of media production in the United States and Canada, with each entry exemplifying the awards’ commitment to values of dignity, community, tolerance, justice, and compassion — highlighting the Gabriel Awards’ commitment to honoring media that not only entertains but inspires and uplifts through a true vision of humanity and life.

The winners will be revealed at the 58th Annual Gabriel Awards Reception, June 20 at the Atlanta Marriott Buckhead & Conference Center in Atlanta, Georgia. The event, taking place the week of the Catholic Media Conference, promises to be a memorable evening, welcoming Jim Wahlberg as master of ceremonies. Wahlberg is a producer, writer and director who brings a wealth of experience from both his personal life and his professional endeavors in faith-based filmmaking. His presence and message will undoubtedly elevate this annual celebration, spotlighting the intertwining of faith, redemption, and the media’s role in shaping society.

“We are thrilled to recognize these remarkable finalists, who have each in their own way lifted the human spirit and highlighted critical social values through their media productions,” said Rob DeFrancesco, Executive Director of the Catholic Media Association. “The Gabriel Awards continue to affirm the importance of visionary media content that not only entertains but also profoundly enriches our lives.”

The Catholic Media Association is honored to sponsor the Gabriel Awards, a premier program honoring excellence in film, broadcast, and digital media productions released in the United States and Canada.

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