Spirit Juice Member Spotlight

Catholic Media Blog,

Get to know Spirit Juice and hear from Rob Kaczmzark, their CEO and President! 

What does Spirit Juice do?

Spirit Juice is a full-service film production company with a specific focus of bringing the beauty and richness of the Catholic faith to a wide audience. To achieve this, our team utilizes the highest quality of film and video equipment, cinematic techniques, and artistic creativity to bring our clients’ visions to life. Our mission with every project is to unite the power of visual media with the ever ancient, ever new beauty of Catholicism. Since our founding in 2007, we’ve worked with clients including the Knights of Columbus, USCCB, and the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal both across the country and internationally on projects ranging from short promotional, educational and fundraising videos to feature-length documentary films and event captures. Spirit Juice also produces its own original content such as our children’s show ‘Juice Box’ which currently has over 176k subscribers on YouTube. 

What is the 1 Minute Film School project?

The idea with the 1 Minute Film School project is to give aspiring and established filmmakers quick (about 60 seconds per episode) and accessible tutorials for learning about best practices concerning camera equipment, operations, and techniques as well as comparisons and descriptions of different add-ons for cameras.  The tutorials allow filmmakers to have a streamlined resource for honing and mastering their craft. The tutorials are available via Spirit Juice’s social media channels and the series also has its own website at www.1minutefilmschool.com

You are scheduled as a presenter at this year's CMC in Atlanta, what will you be talking about?

I’m going to be discussing best practices for the use of social media like Facebook and Instagram for attracting followers to get one’s message and mission out to the wider world. Social media is a great tool for Catholic organizations, but only if you can attract followers. I'll walk through several techniques that can make one’s social media presence standout. I’ll also be asking for volunteers to have their Facebook accounts audited at the session.

Why do you think Catholic media is important?

Visual media, especially video content, is everywhere today and is an essential component of storytelling and sharing one’s message in today’s society. Christ commanded his disciples to go into the world and to share the Gospel with everyone. That mission is the heart of what Catholic media is all about. It’s using modern media technology and artistry to respond to the need for evangelization. Our faith is both true and beautiful, and by creating and sharing beautiful works with a wide audience we will share the truth of the faith with them as well.